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orientation #2. the shadow area is lower than the pv modules area

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I keep on running into this error message. I know what it means but I can't just remove it. 

If I'm correct it means that the number of PV Modules defined in System does not meet the necessary area in the Near Shading part of the software. More specific the total area 

defined in the rectangular PV Plane area's is not enough for the panels defined in System. 

Ok that sounds logical.  

My first question is:

If you choose for defining the rectangular size by the option: By modules how is it than possible to get this error message.

The modules is know by PVSyst and also shown in the window of rectangular field. 

You let the program know 20 PV Modules in length and 5 in height. You also give in the X and Y spacing. 

The software is calculating the area by itself. But actually it's calculation is wrong because I get the error message?

Second question:

If you choose for defining the rectangular size by the option: By sensitive sizes

I have defined 5 PV rectangle faces

4 have the same size for PV Module landscape  20 in length 5 in height  I gave the rectangle the dimensions of 6,00 x 46,00

The size of the panels is 2,279 x 1,134

X spacing 0.02

Y spacing 0.02

So total size needed 

20 x 2,279 + 19 x 0.02 = 45,96

5 x 1,134 + 4 x 0.02 = 5,75

So that must fit in the defined PV Area 6,00 x 46,00

The 5th PV Rectangle  has the following dimensions 12,00  x 37,00

PV Modules Length 16, 10 in height

The size of the panels is 2,279 x 1,134

X spacing 0.02

Y spacing 0.02

So total size needed:

16 x 2,279 + 15 x 0.02 = 36,76

10 x 1,134 + 9 x 0.02 = 11,52

The total number of panels defined in System is 560

The total number defined in Near Shading is:

20 x 5 x 4 = 400

16 x 10 = 160

Total 560

Where do I go wrong?

Many thx for your contribution

Kind regards 





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Actually we check the areas orientation by orientation.
Hence, it is really important that the orientations are well assigned in the system part.
First of all, you can choose either to use the mixed orientation on a single sub-array. Or split into two sub-arrays, one assigned to each orientation.

- Mixed orientation: at the bottom of the system window, you should assign strings (using a scrollbar) to this or the other orientation. Make sure that the number of strings has been assigned correctly (wrt the 3D scene)

- Subarray per orientation: be sure that the orientations are well assigned. This is done at the top left of the system window.

If you still experience issues, you can send us the project at support@pvsyst.com, we'll be sure to check it out. You can export a project via the main window > File > Export projects.

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I currently have the same kind of trouble.

I have 3 differents orientation.

Orientation 1 : 0°  38 PV installed

Orientation 2 : 90° 399 PV installed

Orientation 3 : 180° 38 PV installed

But I have only one error message about the orientation 1 about the 3D scene is consiedred lower than the system size. Why only on orientation 1 when 1 and 3 are the same size ?!

Thanks for your help.


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Vous avez défini trois orientations avec des surfaces de module PV. 

Dans votre scène 3D, la surface définie pour l'orientation 1 est beaucoup plus petite que celle définie dans l'onglet système.

Pour débloquer cette situation vous devez mettre en cohérence ces deux paramètres. 

Bonne simulation

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