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Jose C.

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I am trying to import pvgis tmy data from its website into pvsyst. 

How should I procceed? PVgis website allows me to download hourly tmy in .csv format, but how can I load this file into pvsyst? I am not able to. 

Thanks, BR. 

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Hi Jose,

You can import the CSV by going to Databases > Known format. See:

In the dropdown menu you should look for the correct source.

If you cannot find the source, you can import the file as a custom format, so go instead to Databases > Custom file

In the case of PVGIS I think the first option is not available I think, so go for the custom file.

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Hi both,

I noticed that there is a significant difference between TMY and related monthly GHI values when data is downloaded by PVSYST embedded function:





And natively downloaded data from PVGIS site:





 Could you elaborate on this.

Many thanks in advance.


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Unfortunately, last time we tried we weren't able to compare PVsyst and PVGIS TMY generation from a time series, since the PVGIS TMY file doesn't have the relative humidity.
We are therefore not yet able to confirm whether they follow the ISO norm strictly or not.

We will update our help in case we manage to cross validate the generation methods.

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