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3D scene - N-S Trackers with several tilts


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Hi to all community,

I am performing a simulation with N-S Trackers with several tilts according to the terrain and including backtracking but I would like to confirm some points related to 3D analysis and energy calculus.

The mimum tilt is -4.7º and maximum 6º and average tilt of PV field is -0.7º.

First of all, I would like to confirm if the GlobInc, energy array and field energy, at least from the point of view of front side of module, is calculated according each tracker tilt as occurs with the 3D shadding losses, or if only average field tilt is used to regroup the trackers to evaluate these outputs.

From the point of view of rear side and bifaciality, I understand that current model only evaluate the field as horizontal modules, is that correct? Is it expected a future update about this methodology?

Also I would like to add some terrain elements to the scene. Does PVsyst has a limit on number of elements of that kind? Related to the current limit of +-8000 points, could I add two csv file terrain with +-8000 points each one or the +-8000 points is a limit for complete scene?

Thanks to all beforehand.

3D scene topo.jpg

Maximum tilt.JPG

Minimum tilt.JPG

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If I am not mistaken the limit for the number of points is not a hard one rather an order of magnitude. So it may work with twice 8000 points, to be tested.

For the backside you are correct, we use a model that assumes a flat terrain and that does not rely on the 3D scene. A development is planned but other features are higher in priority, so we cannot say when the 3D bifacial will be published, hopefully this year but maybe next.

Whenever PVsyst handles an "average orientation" such as this one, GlobInc is based on all trackers as a whole using the average orientation.



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