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Near shadings export


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Just a couple of ideas:

1. It would be useful if one could import geo-referenced shape files for definition of zones. More often then not these areas are received either as an Autocad or Google Earth Kml or Kmz file. Having the possibility to import those will directly specify the project location and will make zone editing a breeze;

2. Since a lot of effort can be put into fine-tuning the shading scene it would be very useful if the said scene could be exported into a CAD program for creation of necessary drawings required for permitting and such. Alternatively, a layout export, at least, would be very handy




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Hi Iulian,

Thank you for these suggestions, I'll be sure to pass them on to the dev team.

Just a note regarding the accuracy of the shading scene, it is not necessary to have precision to the nearest millimeter, as this will have very little impact on the shading loss factors. Loss differences of 1/1000 knowing the variability linked to the weather do not really make sense.

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