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Found 4 results

  1. Good morning, I'm running simulations for a self-consumption PV installation and in order to calculate a financial model I need to square hour-per-hour production and consumption with the electricity price according to Spanish legislation, which is rather complicated. Basically, there are 6 different prices which change depending on the hour of day, weekends, the month, and national bank holidays (please see the image I attach below if you're curious). I'm wondering if the hourly simulation results exported to Excel from PVsyst show production in the solar hour or in "legal" hours, which in Spain can have a 2-hour difference at times, so that for example 3pm could actually be 1pm, and the prices for electricity at those two times can sometimes vary significantly and thus impact the project's NPV / IRR. Thanks in advance for your support!
  2. Good morning, How can I export the hourly generated energy during a full year to an Excel spreadsheet? That would be a total of 8760 data points (365*24), starting on January 1st, 0:00 until December 31st, 23:00. Thanks in advance, best regards, Ricardo
  3. Hello, I have noticed a serious bug in the output file with missing data typically around 6:00 in the morning and 19:00 in the evening for about 20 days of the year. This was the result of uploading the generic PVSyst load profile LOADPROFILE_Commercial_BDEW_G4 which has no "0" data entries as shown here - Within the design, there were no "unavailability" loss parameters set, so the system shouldn't be shutting down with zero outputs or inputs for any time of year. I am requesting help resolving this.
  4. Hi, Just a couple of ideas: 1. It would be useful if one could import geo-referenced shape files for definition of zones. More often then not these areas are received either as an Autocad or Google Earth Kml or Kmz file. Having the possibility to import those will directly specify the project location and will make zone editing a breeze; 2. Since a lot of effort can be put into fine-tuning the shading scene it would be very useful if the said scene could be exported into a CAD program for creation of necessary drawings required for permitting and such. Alternatively, a layout export, at least, would be very handy Sincerely, iulian
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