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Inverter that can connect multiple string per MPPT


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Hi All,

I'm new in Pvsyst.

Say I would like to simulate a PV System that use Huawei SUN2000-36KTL-M3 Inverter.

This inverter has 4 number of MPPT, and 8 number of Input. Meaning that each MPPT can connect 2 strings.

I would like to know how to let PVsyst know that I'm connecting 2 string to a MPPT instead of connecting it to 2 separate MPPT?

Or how do i make the said configuration in PVsyst?

thanks in advance for advise.


huawei inverter.png

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PVsyst does this rather intuitively. You can either consider the inverter as a whole and let PVsyst balance strings on inputs (good for balanced strings), or consider MPPT inputs individually.

In the most simple case, for balanced strings, and if you are filling all MPPT inputs with 2 strings, you don't have to do anything special. You can uncheck the "Use multi-MPPT feature" checkbox to consider the inverter as a whole.



For a more complex case, you should use the "Use Multi-MPPT feature" checkbox. In this case, for a given sub-array, you will consider single, or groups of, MPPT inputs and associate a number of strings to them. In each of these groups the strings are shared in a balanced way.


In this latter example there are two strings on a single MPPT input.

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