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Does GlobEff include backside Irradiance


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Hello, I'm trying to acquire irradiance data to determine simulated Isc according to NEC 2017 690.8(A)(1)(2)

I believe I want to us the GlobEff parameter for this but I am using a bifacial module and was uncertain if this variable was the effective irradiance for just the front side or if it was for both front and back side. Can any one confirm?


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GlobEff is front side irradiance only after loss considerations (IAM, shading, soiling, etc). To get total irradiance as requested, you need to add the rear side irradiance gain * bifaciality to GlobEff.

If you export your waterfall to excel, it will include additional information not shown in the report. It will show you GlobEff and it will also show you GlobEff + backside irradiance, labeled Global effective energy.

@PVsyst admin, it would be helpful to rename one of these terms, as the same name is being applied to two different variables.

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Dear all,

So the total irradiance to be considered to analyze both front and back would be GlobEff+ bifaciality*GlobBak?




I don't see the Global effective energy that @dtarin is mentioning.


When you open the PVsyst report, and export the loss diagram (export > Loss diagram values), it states "Global effective energy"


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