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15 strings for 12 MPPT. Multi MPPT activation


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Hello, good day

I have a problem with a common configuration: 15 strings per inverter with a 12 MPPT (24 input) string inverter (Sungrow eg). It shows up a message like this : <<9278 inputs with 1 string and 2966 inputs with 2 strings, consider disabling "use Multi-MPPT feature" for ensuring power sharing on each input>>

2 involved problems:

1- It takes 90 minutes to simulate whilst without this Multi-MPPT activation it takes less than 30 seconds

2- It applies more than 9% of overload losses

Is there something wrong? These configurations are usual, as it results quite "lucky" that you can fill out all the 12 MPPT with 2 inputs per MPPT (24 inputs)

Please we need some feeback or related question if you guys need more details

BR Jose (Madrid,Spain)


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Hello again, i ve just encountered the solution by browsing the "help". As its name says it can help you :D

Has anyone gone through this issue, I can guide you guys quickly to resolve it, it is really great explained in "Help" options, thanx PVsyst Team for your improvements

BR José

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The warning message in orange suggests considering disabling “use multi-MPPT feature” for ensuring power sharing on each input. With all the strings being the same there is no need to activate the multi-MPPT feature. In this case, the number of inverters is 1020.3 and thus do not reflect a correctly sized system in reality.


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