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Importing NREL NSRDB Data


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When I create a new meteo site in the United States, no matter where the location, if I try to import meteo data from NREL NSRDB, I get an error message saying that "NREL NSRDB data unavailable for your location". I tried numerous locations in the US (all of which worked previously), but I get the same message. Is there a problem with the API? I've tried using both v6.8 and v7.0 and get the same error.

Many thanks in advance for your help.

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I'm experiencing a similar problem. I get the pop up that says NREL NSRDB data unavailable for your location even though this location is in the USA.

Maybe related/unrelated the interactive map was not working either. PVsyst suggested I check my internet connection but my connection is fine. I'm wondering if the server that this information pulls from is down?

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I also have the same issue, using PVsyst version 6.79.

Additionally, PVsyst reports that there is no internet connection and Google Maps is unavailable.

However I have confirmed that both internet and Google Maps are available.

I suspect that the API for Google Maps may have changed, which means we must update. It would be good to have confirmation on this.


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I had this issue awhile ago and then did the update which resolved the issue.

Now the issue is back. I can not import NREL NSRDB data.

I downloaded the latest PVsyst (7.1). Brand new look. However I still can't import NREL NSRDB, in fact that option is grayed out now so I can't even select it. Is this source no longer supported?

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