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  1. Just FYI - the latest update seems to have fixed this problem. Many thanks!
  2. Using both PVsyst v6.8 and v7, I've recently been having issues importing NREL / NSRDB TMY data when creating a new site. No matter what location within North America I choose, I get the same message: "NREL NSRDB data unavaialble for your location". Is this an issue with the API? This only started happening a few weeks ago. Any help gratefully received!
  3. Hello, When I create a new meteo site in the United States, no matter where the location, if I try to import meteo data from NREL NSRDB, I get an error message saying that "NREL NSRDB data unavailable for your location". I tried numerous locations in the US (all of which worked previously), but I get the same message. Is there a problem with the API? I've tried using both v6.8 and v7.0 and get the same error. Many thanks in advance for your help.
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