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How does the bifaical back side mismatch loss factor contribution to the total energy?


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I am evaluating the bifacial module mismatch loss, because I used the irradiance=front irradiance+ rear irradiance*bifaciality factor as input (same logical like PVyst), so I can get the total mismatch loss. I want to know how does PVsyst calculate back side mismatch loss factor to the total energy yield? based on PVsyt calculation method, I can reverse calculation the back side mismatch loss factor for bifacial system, and this would be very helpfull to guide PVsyst users to input this value.

Thank you very much!


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Since PVsyst utilizes 2D model, it is not able to provide a calculation for rear side mismatch, rear side shading and shed transparency factors sadly. But as far as I learnt from the many whitepapers, conference papers and articles, these values vary depending on the system type. To illustrate, for a 1P tracking system with the 100*100 mm torque tube (height: 2m), shading factor, mismatch factor and shed transparency should be 5.7%, 4% and 3.1% respectively. These values come from another software that uses 3D model.
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