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Electrical effect on the mutual shadings


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Is there a way to simulate shading impacts to discrete bypass diodes? For example, within a module I'm likely to lose voltage in groups of 3 when in landscape orientation, or 1 in portrait. For half cell modules, I'd lose voltage in groups of 3 in landscape, and groups of 2 in portrait. Would it be appropriate to define electrical effect on the mutual shadings based on these values, when they are not individual "strings" in the system definition, but rather individual circuits within the string?

Update: I did just find this post https://forum.pvsyst.com/viewtopic.php?t=1594 helpful in understanding why not to consider bypass diodes when you have more than two strings per MPPT in landscape orientation. What about the other cases where bypass diodes do have an effect, such as 1-2 strings per mppt? What about when the whole array is shaded as one, such as a tracker array with 1 half-cell module up in portrait? When half of a module is shaded, all of the array is experiencing more or less the same thing (half voltage). In this scenario, would you recommend assuming 2 "strings" in the width of the single module? I suppose it's rather unlikely that you'd reach your minimum input voltage at the inverter, in that case.

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