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  1. Has anyone found that the "edit orientations" option is no longer available if you import a .pvc file from PVCase? I just updated to PVsyst v 7.2.7 and am struggling to use my .pvc shading scene in the same way that I used to.
  2. correction, I updated to v7.2.4 and I sometimes no longer get this error. I sometimes do though, and am not sure what I'm doing differently. Is there a certain order to entering data that needs to be followed? ---------------------- Has there been any resolution on this topic? I also get that error, and am not yet finding answers in the forum or help.
  3. Help! When opening a new workspace, PVsyst cannot find the project that I was workign on previously, which is normal and typical of PVsyst. When I go to "open" to load the correct project file, I get a popup titled "TDOSMemStr" which says "Stream Read Errro". I cannot load any project files, and have to force close PVsyst. I just updated to patch 7.1.8, and cannot use PVsyst now. I tried it on multiple workspaces.
  4. I am trying to simulate some 2-up portrait single axis trackers. Does PVsyst have a way to define the electrical effect, as it does with fixed tilt?
  5. That file is no longer available, does anyone know how to export a 12x24 table?
  6. I think I'm trying to accomplish the same thing. I've used the peak shaving method, and am still finding quite a lot of losses due to batteries being fully charged. When I dove into hourly results, I see that the state of charge of my batteries almost never goes below 50%, despite my minimum discharge being set to 10%. The batteries are not "ready" to absorb the day's solar peak, and they are not discharging their full capacity during load peak hours. The model also does not seem to cycle the batteries every day. Is there a way to force a daily BESS operation in this way?
  7. Same! Though we don't need the network license functionality. Following this thread.
  8. Thanks for responding. We had not defined terrain, so steep slopes cannot be the problem. For whatever reason, PVsyst was creating tables on top of tables, so we manually deleted duplicates to get the simulation to run.
  9. I've attempted to "Fill Zone" using the zone editor in the shading scene construction. I've got 0.20m spacing between tables, 0.02m defined in "field properties"-->"frame", and I don't even have "enable shadow casting" on. After I fill my zone and exit the shading scene construction, I get the following RED error (which won't let me proceed): "The object "Sample table #3, Zone #1" is penetrating the PV field "Sample table #2, Zone #1". For more reliable shading calculations, please ensure a minimum spacing of 2-3 cm between fields and other shading objects! All of my sample tables are automatically created by the zone fill function. How do I correct this error?
  10. Is there a way to simulate shading impacts to discrete bypass diodes? For example, within a module I'm likely to lose voltage in groups of 3 when in landscape orientation, or 1 in portrait. For half cell modules, I'd lose voltage in groups of 3 in landscape, and groups of 2 in portrait. Would it be appropriate to define electrical effect on the mutual shadings based on these values, when they are not individual "strings" in the system definition, but rather individual circuits within the string? Update: I did just find this post https://forum.pvsyst.com/viewtopic.php?t=1594 helpful in understanding why not to consider bypass diodes when you have more than two strings per MPPT in landscape orientation. What about the other cases where bypass diodes do have an effect, such as 1-2 strings per mppt? What about when the whole array is shaded as one, such as a tracker array with 1 half-cell module up in portrait? When half of a module is shaded, all of the array is experiencing more or less the same thing (half voltage). In this scenario, would you recommend assuming 2 "strings" in the width of the single module? I suppose it's rather unlikely that you'd reach your minimum input voltage at the inverter, in that case.
  11. Has anyone had success saving a .hor file from data downloaded from PVGIS? Here's an example of what I'm getting, no data points PVObject_=pvHorizon Comment=Horizon from PVGIS website API, Lat Version=6.83 Flags=$00 FracAlbedo=1.000 End of PVObject pvHorizon
  12. When simulating battery storage, does PVsyst have a way to estimate heating & cooling loads as a function of ambient temperature?
  13. In a load-less system, I would have expected system production to represent E_grid, particularly since what is sent to the battery is put onto the grid a few hours later. I'm not sure what the significance of "total system production" would be in a scenario like this, but good to know!
  14. I am running simulations using the battery storage options, however no matter what size batteries I include, both in power & energy, my "Results Overview" provides the exact same "System Production". I finally realized that the "System Production" is inaccurate, or at least misleading, when compared to the results in my report. Screen clippings attached.
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