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Production Model with "Free" Vs "Semi-integrated" mounting


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I am currently doing a production model using a panelClaw 10 degree ballasted racking system. I am struggling with this for a while over what is considered "Free" mounted modules vs semi-integrated with air duct?

Between those two options, my production change dramatically since I live in Las Vegas (hot summer)

Please advise.

PanelClaw 10 degree


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With this kind of mounting you have probably less air circulation (and therefore less free cooling) than with usual row arrangements.

Therefore the U-value will be lower. But sorry, we can't give a value for any configuration. The only way would be to measure the U-value on site (long-term measurements).

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I would like to know what the option - "Free" mounted modules with air circulation means?

Does this option apply to free standing modules mounted on frames with no obstruction for airflow behind the modules or does this refer to any kind of forced cooling with use of fans etc?


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