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No "shading factor" but have "Near Shaddings:Irradiance losses"


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I have a doubt, wen I run a simulation with horizontal tracking system (with backtracking), the shading factor in tables and Iso-Shading diagram are "0" (in al components, beam, diffuse and albedo), but in the final system loss diagram I have a "Near Shading: Irradiance Losses" around 1-2%.

Why this happens if in the shading factor table all the results are "0"???

Results of the Near Shading calculations:




Results of the final simulation losses





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The shading table concerns the beam component, for the instantaneous position of the sun.

By definition of the backtracking, the shading factor is null.

However for each position of th modules, you have a shading factor on the diffuse part (coming from all directions of the space). The final diagram shows the corresponding loss on the diffuse part.

See How is calculated the shading loss on diffuse for tracking systems?.

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