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8760 Data Non-Existent


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Hello PVsyst,

I've just recently updated to version 6.41. I'll do a simulation, and export 8760 data like I always use to. The simulation runs and I get the popup saying the file has been created successfully. However, when I go open the file, it's missing all the variables selected. The only thing showing is the header, and the hourly time stamps. All the other columns are empty - not even the header for the variables are shown.



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I just tried and everything works correctly.

However in the version 6.40, the Variables to be written were not well recorded on the Calculation Version (VCi) file.

So that when reopening a VCi file of the version 6.40, when outputtting an ASCII file you have to explicitely redefine the variables to be written before simulation.

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