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problem in creating 3D scene

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When you create a shading scene, PVsyst checks the compatibility of your system, i.e. that your sensitive area is sufficient for positioning all the modules defined in the "System" part.

You are strongly advised to follow the tutorial present in the main menu of PVsyst, just below the Help option.

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Ok. Now I modelled a shading scene for full 50MW using about 192000 nos. of modules. But whenever I try to calculation shading factor table, the program stops responding. What could be the possible mistake I am doing? Is it because I am trying to model a very large system? Is it possible to do modelling for a 2 MW block using two inverters per block keeping the system size as 50MW?
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Thanks Andre.

Can you explain this to me?

"Now since the version 6.36, it is possible to specify a representative sub-part of the system (for example the input of one only inverter), and during the simulation the shading calculation will only be performed on this sub-system, but applied to the full system. This concerns the "Linear shadings calculation", and the calculation "According to modules strings". This tool doesn't apply to the "Module layout" calculation."

How can I simulate the input of only one or two inverters? I am not able to find the option. It is a single axis tracking plant.

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This option "Partial shadings calculation" in the menu of the 3D editor is meant for defining a partial part of your system, in order to decrease the computing time of the shading effect.

When using this option, the shading factor will be computed on this sub-part of the system, and applied to the whole system.

There is no option for simulating the production of a single inverter (or any part of the system). If you want to do that, you have to specify only this reduced system in your simulation.

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Hi all,

I want to calculate shading scene for a big PV Plant with tracking systems (1 axis E-W).

I have the following problems:

1. The number of trackers is limited to 200, although PVsyst error message says that it should be 400. Anyway, in my case it have to be 3200! Is this possible and how (if it is)?

2. If I choose to use "partial electrical calculation", how can I do that? There is no such option in the "tools" menu! The "Help" file shows that it should be, but I can't find anywhere!

Could you please help me?

Thank you in advance!





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The easiest way to do this would be to model a small part of your system and multiply the output. If you are modelling a system with minimal shading and even spacing throughout the project, modeling a small block and multiplying the results should be the same as modeling the larger system. You might need to weight average your ac losses to get an accurate estimate though if those vary throughout the array.
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