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  1. Yes, that was happening in the previous versions (for example 7.19), but now it does not work. When I chose partition, PVsyst does not apply the settings. Please see the video in the link (I could not to upload it here - an error occurs when i tried to). https://i.imgur.com/Kep6gsZ.mp4 The PV moduels dimensions are 2,278x1,134 m. The length of a tracker of 81 modules (3 strings x 27 modules each) with distances between modules is exactly 92,76 m like PVsyst recognize it. But, why PVsyst calculate only 80 modules instead of 81? The same situation is with the 27 and 54-module trackers - Pvsyst recognize the correct length, but calculate only 26 and 53 PV modules. About the partition: On axis "Y" I have to point 3 strings, right? When I do that, the partition width automatically changed to 0,76m instead of 2,278m. If I swap the axis, then it is changed to 2.278, but I think it is not correct to point 3 strings per "X" axis. Even if I choose the swapped partition, PVsyst does not apply the settings and calculates as "linear shading" instead of "according to strings".
  2. Hello Michele, I've just sent an email. Please see it and if you want, we can correspond by email.
  3. Hello, After the last update (7.20) Pv syst does not separate correctly the PV modules into strings! I have 3 type of trackers : 1Px27, 1Px54 and 1Px81. The string length is 27 PV modules. I have to separate the trackers to 1, 2 and 3 strings according to the tracker size. Unfortunately this is not possible anymore! In result of that, the PR is higher than usual. I recalculate one project made with 7.19 version and there is difference at losses according to strings - It was 6,6% and now it is 0,00%, which I think is not correct. Also, PVsyst recognize the tracker as 1x26, 1x53 and 1x80 instead of 1x27, 1x54 and 1x81! The dimensions (length and width) are correct, but the number of modules - not. I can not upload the *.pvc file here (pvcase export file) in order somebody to try it, but I share some screechosts. Please help to fix that problem! P.S. Sometimes when import a fixed structure from PVcase (3Px9), PV syst recognize it as 4Lx5 PV modules! Why?
  4. Hello, I have a problem when importing a tracker 3D scene from PV Case software and trying to use the bifacial option in the simulation. An error is generated that my system is not suitable for bifacial modules. If I don't use bifacial option, there is no a problem. Please advise how to fix it. error screenshot Shading scene
  5. I have the same problem! PVsyst team, please clarify what we have to do to fix it! Thanks!
  6. Hi all, I want to calculate shading scene for a big PV Plant with tracking systems (1 axis E-W). I have the following problems: 1. The number of trackers is limited to 200, although PVsyst error message says that it should be 400. Anyway, in my case it have to be 3200! Is this possible and how (if it is)? 2. If I choose to use "partial electrical calculation", how can I do that? There is no such option in the "tools" menu! The "Help" file shows that it should be, but I can't find anywhere! Could you please help me? Thank you in advance! Screenshot02 Screenshot01
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