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Program is highly unresponsive


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PVsyst is very slow to respond to inputs-even loading a project or changing system parameters or details losses can take minutes to load the input screens. If I use a helios export for near shadings it is practically unusable- computing a shading factor table takes several days! The cpu usage seems to be low, and there is very little disk activity during these hang ups. What is going on? Every time I click something, I have time to go get a cup of coffee before the program reacts.

Are there any tips to make it work better?

I am using v6.39 on a laptop with 8GB ram, Core i-7 processor and a solid state hard drive.

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With "normal" projects, PVsyst responds immediately as any other software.

A long response time may arise during some operations, for example when you have a very big shading system. This is usually due to a recalculation of the interpenetrating objects at each verification of the calculation version (shading scene). You can desable this option in "Tools > Ignore interpenetrations of shading fields" in the menu of the 3D editor.

Another example: Meteonorm 7.1 takes some seconds for generating synthetic data.

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