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Import of Shade Objects


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Hi Andre,

I saw in the most recent update (6.39) there is a possibility of importing 3d shading objects. In the past, objects (regardless of location in the model) have imported as 'ground' objects and don't factor into the shading table. Has this changed? I've imported a shading object but it is still recognized as a ground object and doesn't affect near shadings. Is the import process different for these shade objects or is this functionality still not ready?



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I've spent some time attempting to understand how PVsyst interprets the .h2p file so I can automatically build them with something like a PYTHON script, this is what I have so far:


10 - Unknown, seperates panel from ground object if changed

22.467,3.532,6.914 x,y,z co-ordinates

50 - Unknown, causes maximum orientation difference error

90.00 - Azimuth

55 - Unknown, causes maximum orientation difference error

30.96 - Baseline Slope

56 - Unknown, appears to have no effect

0.00 - Tilt

DGM - Defines plane as ground object

5.000,0.000 ,6.840; 0.000,5.000 ,9.840;0.000,0.000 ,6.840

0.000,5.000 ,9.840; 5.000,0.000 ,6.840;5.000,5.000 ,9.840

I want to define the plane as a shading object, not as a ground object.

I've also tried using Skellion's Export to PVsyst functionality with the same result - I can only seem to create ground objects when I really would like shading objects.

Many thanks,


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The format .h2p has been developed in collaboratioon with the Helios3D team, specifically for the import of helios3D files.

It has not been published, and we don't intend to completely document it in a near future as it is still evolving, nor to support its use.

Skelion has used it for their plugin, but without any contacts with us. PVsyst doesn't support the Skelion files.

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hello andre,

is there a plan to support the skelion files?

skelion export the model to *.h2p like helios3d.

this kind of support can really eas up thing and allow us planners to do a realistic simulations.

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Skelion exports models from the Sketchup representation, but the representation of objects in Sketchup is not really compatible with the way PVsyst is waiting for shading objects.

You can try importing these scenes, perhaps they will look correct, but we don't guarantee the shading calculations.

We will implement our own Plugin for Sketchup within the next months, with our own constraints about the structure of the object's representation.

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