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File access time and repetition in batch mode


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I currently try to evaluate the time required for multiple calculations in PVsyst, especially in Batch mode and I'm wondering which is the limiting step in the simulation process.

So in detail, I would like to know:

How many times does PVsyst have to access the batch file and the meteofile during a batch simulation? Does it have to repeat the access procedure to the batch file for every simulation variant specified in the batch file?

And with regard to the import of meteo data, is the meteo file accessed for every hour? Or only "once" per simulation variant? Or does PVsyst import the data in advance to the batch simulation and can use it for all variants?

Thank you very much for a soon response.

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Do you really think that after developing PVsyst during 25 years, I am so debutant in programming techniques for accessing the meteo file at each hour ???

The files are accessed once for each run, but this time is completely negligible with respect to the simulation duration.

We have recently discovered that our calculation time problems with complex shading scenes are essentially related to the creation/destruction of many little objects (like 3D points, rectangles, etc) during the process.

In the next version 6.40, we will propose a new calculation of the shading factor with a significant improvement of the calculation time.

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