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Import ASCII Data Issue - Day and Year Swapped

Dan Nicksy

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Good afternoon,

I am struggling to import meteo data measured on one of my sites. I have broken the time-stamp down into individual comma-separated-columns for:

Year, month, day, hour, minute

For example, noon on June 3, 2015 is represented as:


In the ASCII Import Tool am using the Date format:

Month | Day | Hour | Minute

and have assigned month, day, hour and minute to the appropriate columns within the .MEF conversion format protocol file (as well as my irradiance and temperature values, obviously).

When I "Start Conversion" and generate the meteo file, PVsyst confuses the day and the year. As a result, the above shown line (2015,6,3,12,0) is interpreted as noon on June 15, 2003. As a result, my imported data (which actually runs from June 3 through June 10 of 2015) is imported as though data were measured on June 15 2003, June 15 2004, ... June 15 2010. Obviously the sun geometry calculations are slightly off, and the results skewed.

I have tried using different Date Format options, including options which allow me to explicitly specify the year and options the "Day of Year" option, but continue to encounter this issue. Can you please help me understand why this is occurring?

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Very strange. This importing tool with formatting works quite well.

How are your data interpreted in the preview when defining the format ?

In your definitions, is the comma defined as the separator ?

Please send your source data and *.MEF formatting file to support@pvsyst.com

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