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How to perform shading factor calc on partial 3d model


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I see that we now have an option to create shading factor tables on partial 3d models but I am unclear what steps to take to take advantage of this feature. I have looked through the forum and help files and cannot find instructions.

Can someone please explain the steps necessary to utilize this feature so that I can more efficiently model large tracking arrays? I have tried the "partial shading calculation" option but I must be using this incorrectly since I am not getting useable results (I get shading fraction of 1.0).

Also can you explain what "optimized shading calculation" is and when it should be used?

Thank you,

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Dear jfish,

Once you selected "Tools > Use partial shadings calculation" there will be a new group appearing in the "Groups and zones" located in the right panel (green folder icon).

You have to insert the PV fields which you want to use for calculation into that group. You can do so by right-clicking it and selecting "Insert objects ..." and then select the fields in the list that pops up.

After that, the active fields (the ones used for calculation) will be drawn in dark blue while the ones not included will be drawn in light blue.

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Dear sylvain,

I just discovered this feature and once selected I have added objects to the green folder so they have turned dark blue, but what do I do next? Whether I run linear mode or according to strings the software will freeze when pressing the "Table" button just like it would do when simulating for a large tracking array and never ends de simulation. How do I need to proceed after creating my group for "partial shading calculaion"?

Thank you.

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