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Shadow Flicker Shading


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Hi PVsyst users,

Does anyone have any experience modelling the effects of shadow flicker from wind turbines on solar modules? Has there been any research done on the effect of the output on modules? If not, how would you go about modelling it?



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I wouldn't bother modeling this.. it would be nearly impossible to give the host any kind of guarantee about performance. Just move the array back to where the worst-case scenario of turbine blade orientation does not affect the array at all.
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I am afraid that modelling it within a software would be a big challenge. On the other hand i do not understand why you look on the tree but not the forrest behind it. if you are concerned for the flickering shadowing of the wings of the wind turbine, then 99% you will have the post of the wind turbine bothering the PV installation. Therefore you will have for sure shadowing (partial) trhoughout the day related with the location of the wind turbines and the PV park. And i am more than sure that their shadowiwn losses could be easier accountable.
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