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3 Tier data import error in PVSYST 5.74


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Hello ,

I use a licensed version (V 5.74) of PVsyst , I'm planning to put up a PO for 3 Tier TMY data for a particular location, they offer the data in .tm2 & csv format , I requested a sample file of the reports generated in both formats , upon attempting the import of these files an Error popped up in both these formats.

Error for the .tm2 file was :

-> The file is not a valid US-TMY file , the Extension should be .TM2(for TMY2) or .CSV(for TMY3)

Error for the 3 Tier worldwide .csv file was :

-> This file is not a valid PVsyst standard Meteo file

All the lines of the header should begin with a # character

Please help

Thanks in advance

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The TMY2 and TMY3 formats are very specific and well-defined formats (see http://www.nrel.gov/docs/fy08osti/43156.pdf).

PVsyst has established the import of files corresponding exactly to this format, and this works quite well with the files provided by the NREL. But it is not guaranteed for other sources.

Now we have proposed a "PVsyst format" for the meteo data several years ago (see a description in the help). 3-Tiers has agreed to propose their data in this format when requested. Please ask them.

By the way you can probably import your data using the general tool "Databases > Import meteo ASCII files" (and Press F1 for getting the procedure).

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Ok. Thank you for the quick response. As far as contacting someone from 3 Tier goes ,the only issue is I'm situated in India the communication chain is too long since it (3Tier) was acquired by a finnish company some time in '12 . Nevertheless i will send a mail from my end. :)
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