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Version errors with OND import


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Recently imported the OND for the SC2200. I got the file directly from SMA and dropped it in the ComposPV folder. I have PVsyst V6.26 (upgrade support is expired). I'm getting an error when selecting or even trying to view the inverter data saying invalid numeric format. The OND file was apparently generated with V6.32 and it won't let me use it without an upgrade. Is there someway around this? It seems ridiculous that I need to pay for a new license upgrade just to import new products.
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The OND files generated by versions superior to V6.26 are indeed not readable with previous versions.

This is a problem without direct solution. But it is anavoidable when some new information has to be added in the file.

You should ask SMA for creating an OND file with a version < 6.26.

For the next version 6.35, I'm preparing the opportunity of creating files compatible with old versions. But this will not solve your problem.

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