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Simulation with backtracking


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Good morning

I am trying to perform some simulations with backtracking. Everything is fine while the azimuth of the tracker system is aligned with N/S axis. But the real system i want to simulate has a N/S deviation of 21° to West and the system does not give me the option to simulate such scenario. In means of PLC logic i have implemented the backtracking also under conditions of deviations on the North-South axis, just needed a bit more of trigonometry formulas but it works (based on observations early morning and late evening for the last 6 months in a location in Northern Spain). Is there any way i can simulate the system with PV Syst?

Thanks in advance, Stavros

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The backtracking with axis not facing south is allowed and works if you turn the whole trackers set toward not-south azimuth (i.e. when the alignment basis of each tracker is perpendicular to the axis, misalign parameter=0).

For axis with azimuths not perpendicular to the trackers aligment (i.e. not-null "misalign" parameter), the problem is much more complex, and I was not able to find an analytical algorithm for tilted axis.

Now for horizontal axis in this situation, the algorithm should be the same as in the Misalign=0 case, but I have indeed not developed this special case.

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