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Heliostats parameters


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I am working on a tracker system that will be following the sun from East to West. I have selected the N-S axis, and backtracking capabilities, but not sure what information exactly it is looking for under Heliostats parameters. Right now I am assuming the following:

Pitch = Row to row spacing

Collector width = Width of tracker table

Left and Right Inactive band = ???

Can someone confirm if these assumptions are correct and answer what is unknown, and if not guide me in the right direction.


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Your parameter definitions are correct.

The inactive bands are the eventual mechanical parts, which extend over the width of the modules and provide shadings on the next tracker.

By the way when defining a tracking system, you have to define a 3D shadings scene (even with backtracking as you have shading losses on the diffuse part). And here you will visualize the signification of these parameters.

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