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Grid power limitation


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In the present time, it is applied to the inverter output, and with an identical relative Pnom reduction for each inverter.

We have indeed to do some developments for appliying it to the E_Grid value, and balancing it between the inverters if the sub-arrays are different.

This is a not trivial modification of the simulation process, because we have to compute the full system yield before applying the reductions of power.

This is on our ToDo list.

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Hi Andre,

Thanks for looking into this and adding on to your ToDo list! Not sure if this makes more or less work for you, but if possible it wouldn't be unreasonable to keep the current setup as well as limiting export at the injection point: The most relevant option - at least in the UK - will depend on the network operator's requirements re how you maintain the limit. Sometimes we're required to use inverter settings, i.e. how PVsyst currently models it, other times we can look at the injection point (in which case we currently have a post-simulation processing stage).


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