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  1. Dear all, I've imported ground data CSV on the 3D shading scene. My question is simple : is the ground considered for the near shading? In case there is a hilltop for instance, will it be considered in the shading factor table? Thank you in advance. Regards Christophe Vernay
  2. Dear all, I am wondering if there is any discrepancy in the synthetic hourly irradiation between before solar noon and after, when using monthly GHI dataset. This question because I want to study the sensitivity of the ground orientation to the yield using monthly dataset. My feeling is that working on a full-East ground is equivalent to full-West ground. Do you think I'm correct? Best Regards Christophe Vernay
  3. Dear all, I've updated PVsyst to v6.87. I've just seen that the value of the production has different values: on the report and on the main window. Cf. the enclosed file. I don't know if it was the same with previous release. Best regards Christophe Vernay
  4. Thank you for your answer. Regards
  5. Dear all, let me wish you all the best for this new year! Can you please tell me if the ground data imported through CSV file is considered when computing the shading? Regards Christophe Vernay
  6. Dear all, I am surprised to see that IAM equals to 100 % for normal irradiance when using ASHRAE modelling. Indeed, the enclosed First Solar document states an IAM close to 92 %. Do you think it is particular to First Solar glass? Best Regards Christophe Vernay
  7. Thank you very much for your answer and the useful FAQ. Regards Christophe
  8. Dear all, I want to modelize PV sheds with this layout: PV panels in landscape, tables of 4 rows, strings connected on a unique row. How shall I define the electrical effect ? These cells are defined as follows, cf. the enclosed datasheet: - 6 × 10 pieces polycrystalline solar cells series strings - With 6 bypass diodes Shall I define only 4 strings in the width of the row? Or 4*6=24 strings in order to account for the bypass diodes (the layout can be considered as linear)? Thank you for your help Best Regards Christophe
  9. Thank you for your clear answer. Best Regards
  10. Dear all, first, let me wish you all the best for this new year!! Using V6.52, I want to create an inverter based on a datasheet (Huawei string inverter) but I have a doubt regarding the minimum and maximum MPPT voltage. Indeed, on the datasheet, I read two different ranges: - Full power MPPT voltage range (880-1275 V) - MPPT operating voltage range (600-1450 V). What is the difference between these ranges? Which one shall I use in PVsyst? Best Regards Christophe
  11. That's perfect. It now works. Thank you for your reactivity. Regards
  12. Dear all, I've just upgraded from V6.48 to V6.49 and unfortunately, I can't convert anymore ASCII files (either 1 or 5-min) with GHI and Tamb only. Actually, the "Start conversion" button is disabled and the info-warning states that the tool requires GHI, DHI and Temperature. I've done the same test with the same ASCII file using V6.48 on another computer and it properly works. Can you please give a quick reply on that topic? Can you also experience this issue? Best Regards Christophe
  13. Good morning M. Mermoud, I have a question about the use of shading factors. 3 factors are provided in the Near shading definition: - shading factor table for beam, depending on solar azimut and elevation ; - shading factor for albedo and diffuse (one value each). Is the following formula correct? GTI_no_shading = irr_beam + irr_diff + irr_alb GTI_corrected = irr_beam(azS,elS) * factor_beam(azS,elS) + irr_diff * factor_diffuse + irr_alb * factor_albedo Best Regards Christophe Vernay
  14. Dear M. Mermoud, when using PVsyst v6, does Grid limit power limitation on active power apply at the inverter output or at the injection point? Best Regards Christophe Vernay
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