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PVSyst Multiple Openings


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I just wanted to highlight the fact that, now that I have downloaded version 6.23, I miss having the possibility to open PVsyst multiple times. I agree that one project already opened should be protected to avoid overwriting things being modified in another window etc., but as sometimes simulations can run for up to 30min, I like to take the time to work on different projects at the same time. Therefore, my suggestion is that this option is reconsidered for the next PVsyst version with perhaps a protection so that one project can only be opened once, but several projects can be modified at the same time. This would result in considerable time gain.

Many thanks and kind regards,


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We just did this modification as simultaneous running is the cause of many reported crashes of the program.

Now there are some files which are permanently used by PVsyst, not only the project's files.

We will perhaps try to secure the simultaneous running of multiple instances of PVsyst in a future version.

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