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When printing a report, the text is larger than the page

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This arises sometimes, and we still don't understand well why.

This is usually due to the fact that you have defined big fonts in your Windows installation.

Please try to choose little ones.

You can do that in the "Control panel" / "Display", or on the Windows desktop, right-click and choose "Personnalize" or "Preferences", "Display".

Now sometimes you already have little fonts selected: choosing medium ones may solve the problem.

However in some very rare cases, this doesn't work.

In this case please contact support@pvsyst.com.

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On some systems with big display resolutions Windows tries to scale what is displayed by the program: in this case the PVsyst's report could also be displayed with too big fonts. The solution is to disable the scaling on high DPI screens (Properties on PVsyst's shortcut). Playing with other options could also help.



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In one case, on a laptop with screen resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels, we have observed text out of margin when printing a PVsyst report. Enabling Windows screen setting "XP Style DPI Scaling" fixed the problem.


Windows Control Panel

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