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Need Help on Heterogeneous Orientation option


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Im sorry i still don't understand how to utilize this option i'll explain my requirement

I have a 10 degree tilt roof, 100m^2 on each of east and west side,(Approx 31.2kWp in total)

I wish to know the performance, output of the entire system so i selected the heterogeneous option and set the azimuths at 90 and -90

and kept both orientations at 50% and

1)take two inverters in total (1 for each subfield) and about 8% undersized.

2) take a single inverter with a multi mppt input (after checking the "mixed orientations " )

In the second option i end up with three fields the last one being a mixed field,this field adds up the total power i.e 31.2 x3 !!

I want an output file that shows the values if i were to use a single inverter configuration for both sides of the roof.What am i doing wrong ?

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