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Net Metering


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I work on PVsyst version 6.22 (Demo). I need help to execute Net metering option (available in Input parameters). I have chosen fixed constant load option and then allocate value of the order of 850 MWh/ year and further run the simulation. In the PVsyst report , page 3 (last page with loss diagram), it is showing only 431 MWh as value. Furthermore, difference between available energy at inverter output is and Dispatch: user and grid reinjection is only 420. I am not able to figure out this value. I need help on this matter.

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At the bottom of the loss diagram you will find three values:

1. From grid: Is the energy that had to be bought from the grid to cover the specified load during times of unsufficient solar production

2. User: The part of the load that was covered by solar production

3. to grid: The energy that exceeded the user load at times of high solar production, and that was sold to the grid

From these definitions you can do the following crosscheck:

1. + 2. should give the load that was specified

2. + 3. should give the Available energy at Inverter Output.

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