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Oversizing PV Array

Rafael Santos

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Dear all,

does anybody know how exactly does PVsyst handle the overpower in the inverter due to oversizing of the PV Arrays?

Does the inverter limit the power by increasing the voltage (thus decreasing the current), resulting in a loss of eficiency (inverter operating outside the MPP), or the inverter allows an overcharge (let's say, 5% or something around it)?

In a real system, does the power will allways be limited by the inverter or sometimes it delivers a little bit more (inverter able to handle an overcharge)? If it does, is PVsyst able to account for it or it simply ignores it?

Thank you very much, and best regards,


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In PVsyst (as in the reality) the overpower conditions is indeed achieved by a displacement of the operating point on the I/V curve (towards higher voltages).

But in the present time PVsyst doesn't take the possible overpower (defined by some manufacturers) into account.

See the FAQ How PVsyst treats the specified "maximum" power of inverters ?

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