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Axis tilt changes during run

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A colleague put together a shading scene using a PVcase pvc file that includes topography.  When I open the project (after import), Orientation shows an average axis tilt of 3.1deg.  My colleague's report shows 0.3deg.  When I regenerate the report, it says 3.1deg, but when I rerun this variant, both Orientation and the report say 0.3deg. What's happening?  Note that I have "Tracking: maximum axis tilt spread" set to 30deg and "Max. tilt axis for the Bifacial 2D model" set to 5deg; "Field type" is "Tracking, tilted axis."  There is definitely N-S slope.  In the image, one grid cell corresponds to about 72m.  

All runs give essentially the same energy output (within rounding error).

First Orientation image is before run, second is after.


Laura H.

Orientation before run.png

Orientation after run.png

shading scene no shading object.png

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This turns out to be a "feature," not a bug:  When you first open the project, PVsyst shows the tilt of the first tracker in the "Orientations" tab, but after you run the simulation, that value changes to the average.  This was not the case in 7.3.

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