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Multi mppt function and Power sharing


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Hi to all,

I am an electrical engineer student and i would someone to explain me the "Multi mppt function and Power sharing" on pvsyst with simple words and examples.


Thank you in advance.



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Hi John,

I will show you a simple example of how to use the multiple MPPT feature.

Let's say you have an inverter with 2 MPPT entries and you want to define each of them.

First, you need to create two sub-arrays as below. When you select the first subarray, all the parameters you define are independent of the second subarray. This means that you have to select the second inverter to set all the parameters independently.

To begin, the first subarray defines one MPPT entry of your inverter. Be careful, the box labeled "Nb of MPPT inputs" should be set to 1, meaning you are configuring only one MPPT entry of the inverter. You decide to configure 15 modules in series and 1 string. See below:



Then, you select the second sub-array and you have to enter "1" in the box "Nb of MPPT inputs" to define only one MPPT entry of the inverter. Also, because its entry is different from the first subarray, we decided to define 18 modules in series and 1 string. See below:



Next, you need to set up "Power Sharing."

Click on the "Power Sharing" button.

Follow these steps to set it up, see below:



You have to move the sub-array from the right to the left under the inverter.

I hope this helps you understand how to use the multi-MPPT feature and power sharing.



Muhammed Sarikaya

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