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Help with error message for module "model is not yet computed"

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We got a new PAN file from a manufacturer, and after importing it, get the message "The model is not yet computed" under "Model summary" in the "Basic data" tab of the module info.  The specific error is "Please define/check Rshunt and Rserie in the 'Model Parameters' tab."  Given that Rshunt and Rserie have been supplied, I have to assume that the values break some rule in PVsyst, but we haven't been able to figure out what.  The values _are_ a little strange:  Rshunt = 12,000 and Rserie = 0.085.  We're going back to the manufacturer for clarification, but if they stick with these values, is there any way we can get PVsyst to run, e.g., changing some hidden parameter?  I can see a couple that might be relevant, but I don't know which is the right one or how dangerous the change might be.



image (2).png

image (1).png

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It turns out that these error messages don't appear until we select one of the graphs in the second illustration above, which is even more confusing.  This all started because we get the following message when we first open the PAN in PVsyst.  Perhaps this message should be in orange, not red, since the guidance is to "consider" a change and PVsyst will actually run.  It was when we started to follow up on this message that the other errors appeared.

Screenshot 2024-07-03 110055.png

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