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inter row shadow


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There is shadow free area constrain due to permanent shadow elements of nearby building and terrace room

Therefore the module lay out is so designed having low tilt angle and narrow distance between module rows ,which is occupying lower space than required full space at standard tilt angle.

The system will have shadow free operation between 10 am to 3 pm.

before 10 am and after 3 pm there is partial to full shadow effect on module rows.

Will this damage the module ? or reduce the module or inverter life ?



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This should not damage the inverter.

For the PV modules, it should be without effect except if some by-pass diode is damaged.

In this case you can have hot-spot problems.

NB: The by-pass diodes are usually Shottky devices, with a reverse maximum voltage of the order of 30V. They may sometimes be damaged by electromagnetic fields due to nearby lightnings, especially if the connections of your strings are not well "grouped". The induced parasitic voltage is proportionnal to the conductor's (string) loop area.

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