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  1. what is the standard value for radiation kwh/m2.day for such cloudy monsoon season ?
  2. Please find attached file, please advise if the radiation data is correct for the month from June to September. location - santej - near Ahmedabad city, Gujarat, India Latitude - 23 deg 8 min - N Longitude - 72 deg 26 min - E Altitude - 52 Meter Time Zone - 5
  3. Sir, in India almost 4 months of monsoon season is without sunlight. Is this condition is already simulated/included in PVsyst for Annual Yield calculation ? or we have to manually deduct the generation for those 4 months? Regards, Sairam
  4. sairam

    inter row shadow

    Sir, There is shadow free area constrain due to permanent shadow elements of nearby building and terrace room Therefore the module lay out is so designed having low tilt angle and narrow distance between module rows ,which is occupying lower space than required full space at standard tilt angle. The system will have shadow free operation between 10 am to 3 pm. before 10 am and after 3 pm there is partial to full shadow effect on module rows. Will this damage the module ? or reduce the module or inverter life ? Thanks. sairam
  5. sorry the file was not attached, the error message is as follows; Aucune imprimante par defaut selectionnee.
  6. Hi, my panel tilt is 24 degree. when i do calculation with unlimited shed, i need clarification in following data. 1. what is No of Shed ? 2. what is shading limit angle and how to decide any parameter based on this ? 3. what is the limit we need to kept minimum for shading loss ? Thanks, Sairam
  7. Dear sir, i need to calculate solar pv sizing for motive load other than pumps. how to calculate sizing of pv plant considering the motor kw rating only. for example if i need to run 10 kw motor through solar pv only , how to size the solar capacity, i.e. how to compensate motor starting current in PV Design. i have not found any solution for this in any design literature. Regards, sairam
  8. How to detemine that simulation is done very perfacty ? which are the key parameters and their thresholds ? precaution for the common mistakes people doing while simulation, and hence obtain false results owing to lake of PVsyst knowledge. Thanks.
  9. Need training , webinar or step by step explaination on following topics. 1. Near Shadings 2. Module Layout Thanks.
  10. Why does increasing autonomy days, decrease the pv module kwp capacity ?
  11. thanks but what to do with the panels at different orientation ?
  12. thanks for your reply, but here situation is different, we have to provide off grid power to lighting and fans for hospital with 24 hours battery back up. is there any way to use excess power when grid and solar is available and battery is fuly charged ? battery will be used during power failure only. total isolated off grid AC connected load is 73 kw and other premises grid load is 325 kw.
  13. how to calculate back up period less then 1 day ? i.e. less than 24 hours say for 12 hours or 6 hours. please guide. Thanks
  14. how to do simulation for hybrid ( Grid tied and off grid both Combined ) system ? i was designing solar off grid system where there is huge energy loss when battery is in fully charged condition. how to use this energy ? is there any system available by which we can feed this energy in to grid ? Thanks
  15. How to do sloped roof top simulation . ( which option to select in orientation ) please explain step by step procedure. Thnaks.
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