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Configuration Issue with Multiple Inverters and MPPT Inputs in PVsyst


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Hi Everyone,

I am experiencing a configuration issue while simulating a system with multiple inverters and MPPT inputs in PVsyst. Here are the details:

- System Configuration:

  • Inverter 1: 5 strings of 20 panels in series and 5 strings of 18 panels in series, totaling 10 strings. The inverter has 12 MPPT inputs.
  • Inverter 2: 4 strings of 20 panels in series and 4 strings of 19 panels in series, totaling 8 strings. The inverter also has 12 MPPT inputs.


  • The error message states: "The sum of the MPPT inputs in the sub-arrays is not a multiple of the number of inverter MPPT inputs."
  • PVsyst interprets the configuration as using 1.5 inverters instead of two separate inverters if I did not used MPPT Sharing.

Could you please provide guidance on how to configure PVsyst to accurately reflect the use of two inverters, each with their respective string configurations and MPPT inputs?

Thank you for your assistance.

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