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Energy produced Hourly and negative power values

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I have finished a simulation , i found that the energy produced to injected to the grid is 4118645 kWh/year i am attaching the calculation report . i have extracted in excel sheet to know how much energy produced for each hour . when i summed the total values of kW for whole the year , i found that the energy injected to the grid is 5226724 which is different that the total value in the report ( uploaded a snap shot)  . could you understand this difference ? . also why in some hours i find power produced in negative ? 



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It seems excel doesn't read your entries as numbers. Usually numbers are right-justified, i.e., I suspect most entries are read as text or some other type of cell.

Please check the cell type, and make sure that all values are actual numbers.

Regarding the negative values, it is due to night auxiliary consumption, either from your “Detailed losses” > “Auxiliary losses” definition, or from the inverter definition, or from the transformer night iron losses.

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