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Batch export of variants


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Is there a way to automatically/batch simulate and export each variant created to a separate csv file, rather than manually going through each variant?

Preferably using the variant name instead of the automated file name but even with the automated file name this would be very useful. If simulation variables can be selected for all variants at once, that would be even better, but having them use whatever is already pre-selected when opening the "Definitions for output ACII output file" window would be fine.

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This can all be done with batch simulation. Advanced simulation > Batch simulation. Prior to running the batch, set the output parameters under Output File, and make sure File name is checked under Output file. You don't need to give any specific name, just have this checked (you will define the output file name in the batch parameter file in the next step). Then proceed to Batch simulation to set the parameters and configure the batch file. 


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