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Meteorological/Weather Databases


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Good afternoon PVsyst team,

I am reaching out to you in order to check if your team could clear a doubt our technical team has.

Regarding the meteorological databases our team already checked that PVsyst team did a study comparing some of them. However, some databases such as Solargis, Solaranywhere and Solcast are not included in this study. Hence, our team has some questions:

  • Does your team have any recommendation on this ones?
  • Comparing these three, what are the differences, in the results values (GHI and Specific Production) between them?
  • Does your team have a preferred database that you consider as most accurate?

Anyway, we highly appreciate your opinion/recommendation on these 3 databases (Solargis, Solaranywhere and Solcast).

Thank you for your attention and availability.

Best regards,

Nuno Graça

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Hi Nuno,  

There were indeed a few comparisons done for different weather data sources. This comparison were done only between free sources, explaining why databases like Solargis, Solaranywhere and Solcast were not included. 

At PVsyst, we try to remain neutral by providing access to different databases without managing the data nor give preference to one or another. For more insights, you may also check out related forum posts to gain insights form other PVsyst users. 




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Good afternoon Agnes,

Our team completely understands your position and the aim for neutrality in this topic.

Thank you for your reply and availability.

Best regards,

Nuno Graça

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