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Company logo size on simulation report


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is it possible to make our company logo size as big as PVsyst logo size ? I could not find any option for this ..It seems frivolous that in the simulation report, PVsyst logo visible on one side , and our company logo is very small on the other side. 🙂 

please see attached screenshot.


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Dear Nikoloz,

PVsyst logo and client logo are actually the same size. The width of your logo is determined by the largest component of the logo, which is "ENOVUS" label in your case, which is the same width as PVsyst logo (I put the two logos one below the other so you can compare the width).

As the image of your logo is smaller than the label, it looks smaller than PVsyst logo, but they are the same width. 




As a test, if you remove the label from your logo, the size of the image will be automatically adjusted to have the same width as PVsyst logo image:



There is no possibility to modifiy/increase the available space for the logo.

Kinds regards


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Actually there is possibility but I don't want to use it. it takes too much time -  editing PDF after simulation is done, but this method is uncomfortable .

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