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Optimum System Technical Requirements to run PVsyst 7.4.6


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I've been running PVsyst on a office laptop that has:

  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Intel i7 7500
  • 16GB RAM
  • 500GB SSD

Performance on the device is significantly slow. Start up, generating weather data and simulating is quite time consuming. Also, general user interface lags.

I'm looking to get a new device that will hopefully run PVsyst faster. What are things that I should look out for in choosing a new device? Which components (CPU, RAM, or GPU) are key in running faster?

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Dear Arn,

Performance issues on startup or general use of the interface you encounter cannot be related to your computer hardware configuration as your configuration is more than sufficient for using PVsyst. There should be another configuration/software issue on computer preventing the correct use of PVsyst.

In PVsyst, simulation time may be long when defining complex 3D scenes. 

When defining a 3D scene in PVsyst, please check:

- That you have not defined your terrain as a shading object   (when selecting the terrain object, please uncheck  “Enable shadow casting”)

- That you have not defined many complex shading objects which are not really significant (for example trees)

Also module layout configuration can have an impact on your simulation time. The use of the module layout is not recommended for systems bigger than 1 MWP.

Kind regards

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