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Electricity monthly generation estimate for several years

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Hi, I don't think that makes sense, in particular for P90. A percentile is a statistical summary value for a given distribution of results. Generating an instance of time-series results that gives a particular summary does not have any significance, i.e., you cannot learn much from this.

We can gladly discuss details if you do not agree.

The P50 is a bit special because it tells you the average results, and you can assume that aiming for a given P50 may model a “realistic time-series”. However, I am not sure what you can gain from having a P50 time series shown in a table in a report. Analyzing the time series can give you some statistical information on the distribution of results, but you would need some summary values to make sense of that.

At the moment, the only way to get a time series to be shown in the report (but only as a list of yearly values, not monthly) is to use the aging tool with previously prepared time series weather data. You can also generate monthly output files from running the time series in the aging tool and make your own formalized output from that.

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