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Multi-Mppt Feature

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Hello Everyone,

1. I need a perfect analysis for shading affect per Mppt. Like power loss per module per mppt.

2. If I want to show the results in my presentation for the percentages of shadow per module.

3. If I want to print String plan for solar park, For eg.  (Inverter.mpp.String.Module Number) in such format or any suitable format from pvsyst.

How I can find this 3 features in pvsyst.

I hope I will soon here some suggesstions from you.

Thank you.



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Unfortunately, PVsyst can only export variables for the system as a whole. In order to have power losses per MPPT, you need to make different variants with one of the MPPTs only and run the simulation for each of them. This will be very time-consuming, so I wouldn't advise doing it.

Same thing for the shade by module, it is not an export value for PVsyst. You need to make a special scene with a single module to get the shading values for a single module.

At the moment, in PVsyst, the best in terms of stringing is the single line diagram. However, there is no spatial layout associated with it. You can also print the "Module layout" definitions to color-code the stringing with a spatial layout. However, there is no legend associated to it.

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