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AC losses: the grid voltage has an unrealistic value


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First time trying to simulate a PVsyst using an OND file that already accounts for the MV portion (34.5kV in this case). So, inputting things as per usual, I noticed that there was a warning from PVsyst saying "AC losses: the grid voltage has an unrealistic value"


Can someone explain to me if the warning provided should be a concern? Or can I just ignore it and proceed as is?
Moreover, given that the OND file already accounts for the LV losses, no values should be inputted in the AC wire loss Inverter to Transfo (whole system) part to avoid accounting for additional losses correct?

On a side note, if there was a previous topic/event that highlighted this concern, would appreciate if someone can link it here as well. I am trying to understand how differently one should input the parameters for this situation whereby the OND file already accounted for the MV portion.


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My guess is that the warning is with respect to the HV portion, which you dont have shown in the image. The OND file doesnt account for LV losses. LV losses are zero since the MV transformer is connected to the inverter. You will define a MV line loss however from the MV inverter(s) to the HV transformer(s). Since the OND file accounts for the MV transformer, maintain 0% in the no-load and full-load loss. 

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