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Vaisala meteo data cannot be recognised.


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There is a problem or error about the Vaisala meteo data cannot be input PVsyst. As usual I select the 'Known format' button - 'Vaisala (Worldwide)', then I choose the Vaisala meteo data I have already got, the screen shows' Reading he files', but after a second the screen shows nothing, and I am sure that the data and format are correct. In another case, the same file was correctly identified and input a few days ago. I've tried it on different computers and can't imput the meteo data.image.png.fb788f745f286fb60287a11288db6d56.png

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Dear Bridel

I've sent the Vaisala data file to support@pvsyst.com. At the same time, there is another problem that I have a few days measured value,can I simulate this by replacing the data from Vaisala for the same time period and importing it into PVsyst? If not, how can I use the actual measured values to check the PR of the project?

Looking forward for your answer and thank you for your attention and availability.

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There are different possibilities to import measured data. The PVsyst standard format is the most straightforward way to import these data (see the help page "Meteo Database > Import meteo data > PVsyst standard format for hourly meteo data" for more information). Otherwise, you could also import measured data through "Databases > Custom Import".  (see the help page "Meteo Database > Import meteo data > Import ASCII meteo files" for more information). 

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